Monday, June 10, 2013

One month old...

I can't believe my baby is one month old today!  Just like with Colin, I am going to take a picture every month to see how big she is getting.  And I think it will be fun to compare her growth to how Colin looked at that age.  Here is the one month:

She is an easy baby but does get a little fussy at night.
She definitely likes her sleep!  She seems to want to sleep allll the time!  I try to keep her up more during the day so she will sleep at night, but it is soooo hard to keep her awake!  I am trying not to complain =)
She sleeps 5-6 hours at night, which is a huge blessing!
She is sleeping in the cradle in our room, and she grunts a LOT!  But I lay her down after she eats and she gets herself to sleep.
She only eats about an average of 10 minutes on one side during feedings.  Sometimes she will eat on both sides, but when she does it is for only like 6 minutes each.  I definitely have more milk this time than with Colin, so I guess that's why?? 
She eats about every 2 - 2.5 hours during the day.
She doesn't seem to like her carseat... when she is in it in the car she is fine... but if she is in it in a store she is really fussy.  When we go on walks she goes to sleep though.  I am thinking it may be the inconsistent moving in a grocery cart...  She likes to be rocked or bounced.
She does NOT like the pacifier.  In fact, when I try to give her one she gags.  Big.  Occasionally she will take it and be content for a few minutes, but then it pops out. 
I am such a planner and like to have a schedule, and homegirl is just not wanting to follow my schedule =)  It actually works out though because in order to maintain Colin's schedule it is easy to just fit her around it that try to keep them both on a seperate one. 

She fits in perfectly!  And she gets hugs and kisses from her big brother all the time.  Good thing she is such a chill baby =) 


Us Daviss said...

I cant wait to hold her and kiss her and tell her how much i looooove her!!!!! See you soon little love :)

Lacey said...

She's adorable! One month already!? Wow!

L Davis said...

It's absolutely amazing to think that a month has passed already! She's a wonderful baby!