Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day weekend...

We had a great weekend!  We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday because Garet had to work on Sunday (boo)... it started with a bike ride.  Colin and Garet went on a ride in a nearby park.  Then we packed a lunch and headed downtown for a picnic...
We went to the "waterfall" again.  It is such a nice area in the middle of downtown.  And Colin LOVES to watch the water!

Addison enjoyed being outside too.  She slept =)

After lunch we walked around a little bit to look at all the waterfalls.  Then we packed up and walked to the Children's Museum.
Colin playing the piano:
We made a point to go to the museum today... there was a special visitor... Curious George!  Colin LOVES this monkey!  Here he is waiting in line with Garet to sit with George...

Colin was so cute when it was his turn to sit with George!
He just kept looking at him... in awe =) 
Love his tongue on the next one!
After naptime, Garet took the kids into the playroom while I finished up dinner.  I managed to get this picture of the 3 of them... and I love it!  It is so them!  =)
For dessert I made a 9 layer cake!  (It was supposed to be 12, but I made the layers too big...)  It is one of Garet's favorites, so I surprised him with it...
On Sunday morning, I made breakfast and Garet opened his gifts before leaving for work.
One thing that Colin gave him was an interview that I did with him.  I just gathered questions from different ones that I've seen online.  I also asked him these questions randomly over the last month or so... I knew he wouldn't sit still for a full interview all at once.  Some of my favorites were:
What is daddy's favorite food?  Desserts
What does daddy do at work?  play basketball
It makes daddy happy to..... go to Monkey Joes
Super cute!

Garet and Colin got matching shirts from his mom! 
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband!

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L Davis said...

What a great weekend you had! You embraced Father's Day as a family, and I'm sure Garet cherishes these memories!