Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Anniversary weekend...

(here and here are a couple past anniversary posts, so you can see wedding pictures and hear the story =)  If you want to.)

Boy how things have changed!  Seven years ago Garet and got married.  We tease at how we never could have possibly imagined this is where we would be in 7 years!  And that is a good thing =)  We love where we are today!  It is just funny to think about where we once were!

We had a GREAT weekend!  Garet took off on Monday (our actual anniversary) so we had a long 3 day weekend!  We got frozen yogurt... this place has bubbles on the wall and Colin likes to pretend to pop them all!
And they had some good music playing so we had to dance!  
We went to National Trails Day at a local park.  It was a lot of fun!  When we got there, there was a dog herding demonstration... two dogs herding ducks.  Random.  But Colin was interested!
There was music and thankfully it was shaded under some big trees!
Addison and I were there too =)  She slept through the entire thing.  Well until lunch and the park... then she was hungry!
There were lots of little booths set up that you could visit.  One of them had a miniture horse!  She was adorable!!
There was also kayak demonstrations, and if you wanted to you could "test" out a kayak.  Of course Garet wanted to test one!  And to our surprise, Colin could get on one too!  He loved it!  And I know Garet was excited to have him out on the water!  There they go!
When we got home, Colin took a nap and I snapped a quick picture of Addison in this cute one piece!  She barely fits in the newborn clothes anymore... she is too long.  So this is the only time she will have on this outfit.  =) 
We live in a neighborhood that is on a lake... we can walk down the road and get to the lake.  Garet and Colin have walked there many times, but I haven't since I was big 'ole pregnant, then I was recovering from surgery.  So - finally I walked down to the lake with Colin.  He was happy to show me the way!
He likes to collect rocks on the way so that he can throw them into the lake once he gets there.
Right next to the lake is three tree stumps (that someone has put there) like seats.  When Colin was finished throwing his rocks he said, "let's just watch the water..." and he sat down.  So cute.
 Then he picked a flower for me.  What an angel.
We Garet also managed to get some things done around the house.  He replaced all the window latches.  (Eventually we want to replace all the gold/brass hardware with the brushed nickel)  When he got out his power tools we remembered that Colin had some too! 
These were a gift from Pop and Barbara and what a huge hit they were!  They look just like the real thing!  In fact, while I was happily snapping away with the camera, Colin picked up GARET's tool and said, "this is mine?!"  And I said, "Yes bud!  Looks just like daddy's!"  and I proceeded to snap his picture.  Good thing Garet was behind me... he quickly got the real tool away from Colin.  Ha!
Then Garet and Colin fixed the windows together.  Adorable!
Oh, and they came with goggles, which Colin wore on the top of his head =)
When I was going through a junk drawer I found a coupon that was about to expire for a free game of bowling.  So, we went!  We weren't entirely sure how Colin would do, but he loved it!
It was dark and there were neat lights flashing all around, so that was neat.  Colin liked to try and stomp on the lights that were flashing on the floor!  He did awesome.  I love this picture - giving high fives for a good roll!
When Garet would go, Colin would yell, "Go daddy!"  He was really into it!
For our actual anniversary, we spent the morning at the Children's Museum.  We hadn't been there since before Addison was born, and I haven't taken both the kids out alone yet... so we all went as a family.  And had a great time!   At the firetruck there were lots of other kids playing there and they all had big imaginations!  They were on their way to a fire, then they all got out and put out the fire... it was adorable.  Colin fit right in!  (so did Garet!)
This is super blurry (phone camera...) but it totally captures the excitment.  Colin was running at full speed!  He grabbed the hose and quickly ran to put out the "fire"!
For lunch we had a picnic downtown.  There is a neat fountain that randomly comes on.  It came on while we were eating...
 Then went off.  Colin was quickly finished eating and got down to run around.  When the fountain came back on, he got super excited! 
He was saying, "Who did that?????!!!!"  haha
We finally told him that Fred did it, because "I don't know" just didn't cut it.
Here he is splashing in the puddles.  When we left his shoes, socks and shorts were soaked!
I think we all love spending time together as a family.  It was a perfect weekend!  Right before bed I told Garet I needed to get a picture of us!  After all it was us that we were celebrating =)
I am in love!

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L Davis said...

Happy Anniversary! 7 years...went by in a flash! I'm glad you had a great family weekend. We love you!