Saturday, June 8, 2013


These pictures are from a yesterday... A sweet friend brought us dinner, and gave Colin this bubble toy!  There is a fan on it, so when he dips it in the bubbles the fan blows them all over the place.  It's pretty neat =)
Figuring it out.

Colin keeps amazing us with the things he says.  I love keeping track of everything!  Here are some that I made note of:

-When Colin is playing with his cars and making them drive somewhere, they usually drive to the fire station... or the grocery store.  I always ask, "what are they going to get at the grocery store?"  and he always answers, "milk... eggs... and oatmeal!"  every.single.time.  =)

-If Addison is crying, Colin is first to run to her and tell her, "It's okay Addison, I'm right here."  Precious.
Trying to get me with the bubbles.

-He likes to give Addison kisses and hugs.  all the time! 
For that matter, he gives us kisses and hugs a lot too.  It is so sweet.  And random.  He can be in the middle of playing and run over for a hug.  Or when I am pushing around the cart at the grocery store he will lean in and give me a big hug.  I love it.

-Colin is still figuring out: hot, warm, cold, freezing.  He used to get his food and say it was hot, and we would correct him that that it is warm, not hot.  So the other day Garet was changing his diaper and Colin coughed.  He then told Garet, "I have a freezing!"  Think about it.
(not a "cold"... a freezing!  The kid cracks me up!)

-He is big on doing things on his own.  Any time he is doing something that looks like he may need help I ask him, "Do you need help?"  He almost always replies, "No... I think I got it." 

-When I change Addison he will always ask if she pooped. 
Dipping the bubble maker.  As you can see, Suzi was very interested... in fact I hope it isn't toxic because she definitely got a big lick of the bubbles.  They smelled good =)

-We got him the movie Cars soon after Addison was born.  We had no clue it would be such a big hit!  He LOVES it!  The other day we were playing outside and out of nowhere he said, "Sting like a Beamer!"  Which is a line from the movie.

-If you have ever nursed a baby you know at first how when your milk lets down it REALLY lets down?!  Well that happened while we were eating one morning.  All I had on was a tank top... sooo... there was a big wet spot on my shirt.  ha!  Colin was very worried, "what's that?  What happened?  How did that happen?"  haha 

-Along the same lines... when Addison was nursing the other day Colin asked what she was doing.  When I said, "eating" he then asked what she was eating.  I told him "milk"... he said, "Addison is eating milk... and sausage?"  Where does he get this stuff?? 

-Colin is a pro at finding Volkswagen Buses and Bugs (he gets it from my dad!)  There was something on t.v. with a Volkswagen Bug and the actor on t.v. said, "that's a phenomenal car!" Colin quickly corrected, "no it's a Volkswagen!"

-I'm sure I have put this on a Colin-ism before, but at Christmas I would tell Colin "Merry Christmas" at night.  He started saying it over and over and over... so I finally had to say, "Merry Christmas.  That's all."  Meaning:  Then he started saying, "Merry Christmas, that's all!" every night.  Now as soon as we leave his room at bedtime he says, "Merry Christmas, that's all, and I love you!"  You must acknowledge this or he will keep saying it louder and louder =)
Colin is an AMAZING big brother!  He loves Addison so much!  He tells her he loves her, and like I said earlier gives her hugs and kisses.  If she spits up he will let me know.  He likes to stand on a stool and watch me change her.  If I am putting him down for a nap or bed and she isn't with me, he always asks where she is.  He hasn't minded the few times I have to bring her with me to put him down for nap or bed.  If she is fussy I will hold her while I do his routine.  I think he likes her being there.  If I am changing his diaper with Addison he will tell me, "Addison can just lay on my bed.  It's okay."  So far it has been a smooth transaction in his life.  We have really tried to keep his routines the same. 
I love this child so much!

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L Davis said...

I love these story pictures you tell while telling us something else! Colin is definitely doing great in the big brother department! He's a sweet boy, and Addison will love trying to catch up with him!