Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Photo shoot...

Addison got her 1 week pictures taken (when she was one week old, of course)!  No, I did not take them - I definitely didn't want that pressure!  But I am flattered that people think I did =)  I put some on her announcements so now that they have (hopefully) gotten to everyone, I can post the pictures.  These are just a few of the ones that I got on a CD:
 Colin did so great during the pictures... he was a little restless, but our photographer was great - she made sure to get the ones with him over with so he could go play =)  This next one was Colin kissing Addison on the head, he just loves her so much!


These next ones are the ones that I used on the announcements.  And I already have them hanging on my walls =)

Aunt Kailey made the white bow that is in her hair.  Colin gave her the blanket that she is with in the bottom picture.  That is really what makes that picture priceless to me... she just looks so peaceful with the gift from her big brother.  He is so sweet... anytime she is crying he will find the blanket and lay it on her, "It's okay Addison."  She was asleep throughout the entire thing... except that one picture.  She yawned (the picture towards the top), then opened her eyes, then she was back asleep. 

What an angel!


Us Daviss said...

These are so perfect. Colin is such a good big brother ( i knew he would be ;)) I love all the pictures!

L Davis said...

These are so so sweet! I'm so happy you shared all these pics..I like the way you used meaningful items like the hairbow and the blanket.