Friday, September 3, 2010


I think the nursery is done!  There are still a few things I may want to do, but may or may not get done...
I took a lot of pictures!

This is from the door:

The changing dresser.  I put up pictures from our maternity session until I get pictures of Colin to put in the room, although if you look real hard you can see a picture from his ultrasound in there!

Garet wanted to pick the lamp... so we got whichever one he picked.  He wanted a sports one:

The rocker and the bookcase (the bookcase was made by Garet's dad):

I really wanted to get an alphabet print and I found one that was personalized and I love it!!

Instead of a mobile I decided to do lanterns.  I just wanted something different... especially since I didn't really have a theme in the room:

More pictures that will end up being of Colin =)

The other dresser:

On one of the shelves is a firetruck that Garet made with his grandfather when he was really young.  The funny thing is that my dad is a retired fireman.  So, it fits right in!

We can't wait to have our little man in the room!  Then it will definitely be complete =)


Missy said...

It's beautiful!

Carrie said...

Oh, I just love it!!! It really came together nicely! Did you say that you were going to use the Norman Rockwell prints, too? I love that alphabet print! Where did you get it? Can't wait to see the baby that goes in that beautiful nursery!