Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a day...

Well, it's just us girls here this weekend. Garet is at a camp for work, so Suzi and I have had fun outside doing yardwork.

I woke up early (as usual!) and after breakfast - and my smoothie!- I went outside to mow the grass. Not too long after I started, I noticed something come out from the side of the lawnmower... it was a snake! A little one, but still, it was a snake! I stopped the mower because I didn't want snake guts all over the place - but I used the mower as my barrier and tried to scare him away from our yard! I probably looked like the biggest goober!

So after I finished all the grass, I went to work on my flowers. I bought a lot to go down beside our mailbox, and I also bought some herbs and a couple vegetables - we'll see if I get to those tomorrow though! I was digging around on one side of the mailbox, and hit an ant hill! They swarmed! They were the black ones - so I got Garet's spray stuff and got 'em! Then I got to digging the other side of the mailbox and felt two bites, one on my leg and one on my hand. Red ants!! Oh man I was mad! I cannot believe how many of them there were! Don't worry I got them with the spray too! Wish I knew how to keep them from getting into my flowers!

All of that took most of the afternoon. Actually when I came in to eat some lunch I noticed that I hadn't even made up the bed this morning! If you know me, you know that I am obsessed when it comes to making the bed! Last one out makes it. I couldn't believe I didn't make it until after noon! Man I am really living on the edge!!

I did get the inside of the house all clean and then went over to Target for some errands. Now I am tired, and curled up on the couch about to watch a girlie movie :) Hopefully I'll have energy tomorrow to get my little garden started!

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Meghan said...

You are too funny with your snakes and your ants! I was chuckling reading this it sounds like me and the stupid bumble bees and wasps that like to follow me around! Anyway love the pic of Suzi she looks like she is smiling! And I see you are making good use of your Photoshop!!! Miss you girl!