Sunday, August 9, 2009

Alabama Adventure...

On Saturday Garet and I went to Alabama Adventure. Garet's job decided that instead of having a Christmas party this year, they would treat all the employees to a day at this park including lunch. It happened to be one of the hottest days of the year!! Lucky for us there was a waterpark! When we got there and got to the waterpark - it was PACKED! And it was miserably hot! There were long lines to get a locker (to put our bag in) and even longer lines to get tubes. So we decided to just leave our bag next to a tree and get in the water! We had to cool off!! After that we decided to go ride some rides. It was way too crowded for us in the waterpark. Where the rides were - there were no lines! We rode one of the rollar coasters... and boy did it make me feel old!! I got off and had the worst headache! It was so rough! Ha! I saw some kids that wanted to go again, and again... at one point in time that would have been me. But not anymore! This was the ride - don't do it :)
It was a little something different to do. When we got home we made cookies (yes Garet helped!) We took some to our new neighbors (and ate some!)
Tomorrow school starts back here. That means I have to battle school "traffic" in the morning. It's funny to us here to see what everyone considers "traffic". Compared to Charlotte and DC it is nothing!

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Anonymous said...

Try Miami traffic!!! I know I hate when school starts back up...traffic is insane in the mornings!! Glad you guys had fun at the Park.
- Laurie