Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Caribbean Mon...

Man, that vacation went by too fast! This picture was taken the day we got to St. John. We got our rental car (a Jeep) drove to the condo, threw our luggage inside, changed into our swim suits, and drove straight to the beach! This is Hawksnest Beach at sunset. It was beautiful!

Here we are at Francis Bay - I can honestly say, I've gotten pretty good at propping up the camera and doing a timed picture. This was propped on the ledge of a chair (good thing it didn't fall in the sand!) Francis was one of our favorite beaches here! We had such a great time!
This is us in front of Trunk Bay - this is one of the most popular beaches on island. Garet has gotten really good at holding the camera out in front of us and taking a picture of both of us PLUS the background! To see more of our pictures Click Here! We tried to take as many as we could! It is impossible to capture everything in a photo!
We could have stayed much, much longer - but it is good to be home! And we only have a two day work week! Yay!

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