Monday, March 29, 2010

St. John (part 1)...

(I have lots of pictures - don't worry I won't post them all :) - so I split up my posts into two parts).

We left Huntsville on Friday night, stayed the night in a hotel, then flew out Saturday morning out of Atlanta. When we arrived in the Virgin Islands, we had perfect weather!! We were greeted by a couple of our friends there that treated us to a late lunch, and gave us the car we were driving that week. Then we got settled in the condo... here is a picture from the balcony.

It was sooo wonderful! We checked out everything, and got all situated, then headed to the beach!

My parents came down for a few days too! They have never been to St. John so it was really fun to show them around! They got there on Sunday.

(I loved playing with all the settings on my camera, by the way!)
The weather couldn't have been better for us! It was a little breezy, so we never got too hot laying out. We went to a different beach every day. Here is Garet at Hawksnest.
I am not a fan of snorkeling. I get claustrophobic. But Garet and my dad did a lot! They saw tons of stuff too! Almost as soon as my dad got in he saw a big turtle swim by!
When Garet and I lived here, one of our favorite past times on the beach was to watch snorkelers put their fins on while they were on the beach. Then they would try to walk into the ocean... it was hilarious! (Note: if you ever go snorkeling, either put your fins on in the water, OR walk backwards into the water so no one laughs at you) I didn't tell my dad this...
We got a good laugh :)
At night we had some really good meals! I think we saw most of our friends that were still left on the island. In fact, one of the bartenders got my mom to take a shot!! (actually she took three!) I couldn't believe it!
It seems like the time flew by! and it was so nice to finally show my parents in person what we have been talking about for years :)


Lacey said...

Ha!! Love the pictures of your Dad! Looks like you guys had a great time!

(By the way, I'm due November 22nd! I'm about 8 weeks behind you!)

Meghan said...

OMG your Dad! That is freaking hilarious. Somehow though, I am thinking that even if you did inform him of proper fin etiquette he still would have done it his way I laughed out loud when I saw these!!!! Love it. He is such a free spirit!