Saturday, May 16, 2009

Music and movies...

So far we have had a great weekend! On Friday night Garet got free tickets, so we went to see Randy Travis! It was a benefit for the Huntsville Hospital. These pictures aren't too great because it was so dark in there!
During the concert they brought out a random couple and said they had won a contest to meet Randy Travis. Once they were out there the guy proposed! Too cute!
Garet and I don't really know many of his songs - but it was a nice night out. He is pretty entertaining in between songs. He kept telling jokes.
Today, for the most part, was a pretty day! Garet and I bathed Suzi. Then we decided to give her a test drive in the back of the Trail Blazer. We are headed to Charlotte this week - so we wanted to make sure she was okay back there. I think she loved having the extra room :)
I also had time to save a life today!
It was a turtle's life - but still a life! He could have gotten smashed!
This evening we went to the movies. We had a gift card (from my boss) so we went to see Angels and Demons. It was pretty good - I enjoyed the book so I kinda knew what was going to happen. It was a nice date - we even got popcorn!
Now it has started raining (again!!) Good night to curl up on the couch!

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