Saturday, August 24, 2013


 We were able to take a short vacation to the beach! I already recapped my birthday day but here is the rest of the trip:
The aquarium...
 One of Colin's favorite parts was this penny smasher machine... I didn't even put money in it!  He just liked the wheel =)
 The boys had a picnic breakfast on the pier...
 We got to go to Southport and see Garet's grandmother - it was a great visit!
In between the rain, we got to go to the beach!
We brought a wagon for Colin, which was a HUGE hit!  He had so much fun!  I am so glad we got to get back to the beach this year!
Garet and Colin got in the canoe one afternoon and tried to catch fish with their nets =)  They didn't get any, but they had fun trying!
We had blast!

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