Friday, September 6, 2013

First day...

 My baby big baby big baby boy (he will always be my baby right??) started preschool yesterday!  Before I went to bed the night before, I peeked in on him, like I always do.  He is a crazy sleeper, but this was just hilarious:
So, I guess he got a good nights rest =)
The next morning we all got ready, and I went outside to take some pictures of Colin.  Here is watching a school bus going by...
And I just love the one of him at the top of the page... cutie.
When we came back inside, Colin really just wanted to play with his cars...  and I really just wanted to take a few more pictures.  So... when I asked him to smile, he gave me his "Lightening McQueen face"
And then we got a couple with our little preschooler:

 When we got to school, we held hands as we walked across the parking lot...

We were a little early, so we stood outside the doors for a few minutes before they opened them.  There were a couple little girls that were fascinated with Addison.  They kept inching closer and closer to her.  Finally Colin, being the protective big brother, about climbed in her seat with her.  I guess to show everyone that she was with him.  Too funny.
Then it was time.  Garet got this shot of us walking to the classroom:
I keep telling myself that I'm not an emotional person, but I swear having kids does it to ya!  I thought I was fine until I saw the door to his classroom.  Immediately my eyes filled up with tears!  I kept it together though.  I bent down, gave Colin a kiss and told him I would be back soon.  Then I backed away and he went inside the classroom.  We hung out for a couple minutes outside the door then peeked back in...Colin was already busy with the train on the train table.  So we left.

He did fantastic!  (so did I, thankyouverymuch)  When I got him, he had told his teacher that he had to go potty, yay!  He had made a cute little handprint poem, he has a little folder, he told me they had books about Thomas [the train] and Elmo, he played outside, he ate a snack (although he kept telling me that he had lunch), he drank "orange juice" - he only gets milk and water at home, so he was super pumped about this!  When I picked him up, all he other kids were at the door craning to see who was at the door... not Colin... he was in the middle of the room on the rug playing with the toy school bus.  But when they said, "Colin, your mom is here!"  He jumped up and ran to me =) 

It was a great first day!

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L Davis said...

oh, why does this grab my heart so much???? I guess 'cause little guy is getting bigger..This is so sweet...