Thursday, September 19, 2013


Life has been pretty crazy around here!  We've just been busy! 
Every now and then we get a chance to sit and relax =)
We've met friends at the park:
Addison was almost 4 months and Erik was 5 months.  Colin and Abby got to play on the playground, then we all had a picnic!

We've gone into Jamestown and went on an awesome long walk... then ended at a nice playground.  Colin really liked the "big sandbox"
He tried to dig for buried treasure.

Suzi is an awesome dog!  Her anxiety has been a little out of control recently... but I think it is more Colin and his "racecars" than Addison.  Suzi just wants to lick her. 
I tease Colin about broccoli.  I am probably not helping him like it any better... he is a picky eater and will not eat anything (willingly) that is green.  So when he asks for dessert I will say... "ooooo... you want some broccoli???"  and it gives him a big laugh. 
Well one morning he ASKED for broccoli on some cereal.  I think he was trying to call my bluff.  Lucky for him I had some broccoli, so...
He did not eat it.  The promptly picked them off and put them on my plate.

Garet was able to take Colin to Lowes last Saturday and participate in the thing they have for kids to build something!  This week, they built a fire truck!  Garet knew someone there... this is Colin and their kid with their newly built fire trucks =)
I will be out of pocket for a bit... Guess where we are going??

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