Monday, September 30, 2013

Disney Part 1...

I have sooo many pictures, I have to break this trip down into 3 parts.  I promise I won't keep it too wordy =) 
So, we went to Disney!  And had a blast! 
I have family that lives in Texas... one of my cousins there, Catherine, has epilepsy and has had it since she was 3... this has had a HUGE affect on their family.  My aunt and uncle have 4 kids, Catherine is the youngest.  They were given (yes GIVEN) this amazing trip to Disney.  They got to stay at an awesome resort called Give Kids the World... this place is unbelievable!  This place gives kids with life threatening illnesses the opportunity for them and their families to enjoy Disney and all that it has to offer.  They get to go to parks, met the characters, the resort has rides, water fun, food... it is all paid for... the people there are all volunteers.... this place is so inspirational! 
So.... since they got this trip, the rest of my family decided to all go to Florida so we could all hang out and see each other!  It isn't often that our entire family gets to see each other!  So, all my aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, everyone went!  Garet was only able to come for the weekend because September is the busiest month for him at work, but we sure made the most of it!
Here is Colin and Eric at the airport.  Right before we boarded:
 Us on the plane!
We went to Magic Kingdom!  Since it was almost Colin and Morgan's birthdays, they got birthday buttons! 
The first ride was a hit!  
 It was so so so hot!  Poor Addison was melting in the stroller!  Lucky for Colin and Addison, Grandmama found a sprinkler!
 Colin and Garet went on racecars!  When Colin saw them, he didn't stop talking about them until he got on them!  You can hardly see him!  But he LOVED it! 

What a magical place!
On the way back to the condo, Colin fell asleep.  And to our surprise he stayed asleep as Garet carried him inside! 
We stayed at Runaway Beach Club and loved it!  It was fun to have Colin and Morgan playing.  I love that they are so close in age!  They would chase each other, and here Colin is helping tickle her =)
We got a tip that we could walk around the Disney resorts for free... so we headed to the Animation Resort because...
 ... they had CARS!

There was music that Colin was dancing to as we walked around:
 Then we entered Radiator Springs!
 It amazed me the attention to detail everywhere!  I am pretty sure Mater is Colin's favorite!
 Even the inside was decorated!
He was running around everywhere!
 One of his favorite parts... the elevator!
When we got back to the condo, Colin took a much needed nap.. and I got to snuggle with this little lady...
And then the rain came...
I will do the next post about Colin's birthday!  He's THREE!!!

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