Monday, September 30, 2013

Disney Part 2...

We celebrated Colin's 3rd birthday while we were down in Orlando!  I was very hesitant to do that because I wanted to make sure he felt special on "his" day.  Plus I wanted to make sure that Garet would be able to spend his birthday with him.  Lucky for us, Garet was able to come the weekend, therefore enjoy Colin's birthday festivities!  AND my family was awesome and truly made him feel special!
It was raining the afternoon we planned on having cake for him.  So, instead of having the party at the pool, we packed into Mary and Joe's condo (my aunt and uncle) and it was perfect! 
Here is the birthday boy walking into his party =)

After a little bit of warming up (he had just gotten up from his nap) it was time to sing!  He totally didn't get it at first.
Then he got it, and just started blowing!  You can tell by my face that we were still in the middle of singing when he blew out his candles =)
And then he got embarrassed and gave me a big hug.  Which I loved.

Our family!
When Colin got his piece of cake, he picked it up with his hands and stuffed it in his face.  So everyone started yelling, "use a fork!!"  So he stabbed it with a fork and eat it that way...
And then he asked for seconds.
Which Garet gave him.
Which poor Colin paid for later.
Which I had to deal with.

His second piece of cake was eaten with his hands.  I thought it was funny to see Colin eating his cake versus Morgan eating her cake:
Oh sweet Morgan.  How dainty compared to my boy =)

One of Colin's gifts was this awesome hat!
Here he is opening gifts... and my family watching:
Then he played with all his toys.  He loved this baseball bat and ball... or should I say golf club bat?

We managed to get almost all the girl cousins (and daughters) in the family!
On his birthday I put streamers from his doorway so he would walk out of the bedroom into them.
This was NOT a hit.
"What is this mess?"  "These are in my way"  "I don't like them"
So, that was not a hit.  But the birthday donuts were!

I mentioned in my last post the place where my cousins stayed, Give Kids the World.  Well we went by there to meet some characters! 
Here is my aunt and uncle and cousins:
An amazing family.  They have been through so much!  I love that they were able to have this vacation given to them!

Colin met the chipmunks while standing in line:

And then... we met MICKEY!
It was amazing how much time he spent with each family.  It was great!  And Colin loved him!

We were also able to meet Goofy!

Here is Colin getting an autograph:

After that, Colin cooled off in the water.  Don't look too close, we forgot a bathing suit, so he is in his undies! 
We are so thankful for our sweet boy!  We are so proud and blessed by him! 
Garet flew back and left us to have a few more days of fun!  I will post about that next!

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