Monday, September 30, 2013

Disney Part 3...

And the last Disney post...
I have mentioned it, but Morgan and Colin are super cute together!  Here they are watching "monkey's" before bed.
 We headed to Animal Kingdom on a rainy day!  I was a little worried about Addison, but I had a cover for the stroller and I bought a fan so she stayed cool and dry!  Plus the rain didn't last all day.
 We went to the Lion King show, which was awesome!  Addison seemed to enjoy it more than anyone!  Guess there was lots to keep her entertained!  Then we went on a safari ride!
 We saw tons of animals!  They were close too!
 But, Colin's favorite part?  This:
 He seriously crawled over me to see this truck.  "What's he doing?"  "Why is he backing up?"  "How did he get here?"

Then we saw Goofy and Pluto!
 We had a great time in dinoland.  Colin had a blast in this slide kid area! 
We gave a Bugs Life ride a try, but Colin hated it!  It got pitch black dark and it sounded like bees were buzzing all around, and Colin lost it.  Poor bud.  But we still got a cute picture of him with his 3D glasses =)
 Our last full day, we spent the morning at Downtown Disney.  The Lego store was Colin's favorite part!  He got to build a race car and race it!
 He did this over.  and over.  and over....
We all had lunch at the T-Rex restaurant!
 After naps, we all headed to the pool for some relaxing!  Colin liked to hand on the side and "bike" with his legs.
 Addison enjoyed sticking her feet in the pool.
 We had such a great time!  It was nice to spend time with family! 
 We left on the 26th... Morgan's 2nd birthday!  We celebrated, and then everyone headed out!  Eric, Kailey and Morgan went to the airport.  Colin rode home with my parents.  I knew he would be fine on the trip, and they said he was awesome!  They even got him a new truck for being so good!

Addison and I were the last to leave.  We flew home together.
She is such a trooper!
We had such a great visit to Disney! 

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L Davis said...

What fun we had..the time flew by. I'm so happy we were all able to join in the fun, and I love all your pics and posts!