Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First bottle...

Colin had his first bottle yesterday!  I am breastfeeding, so I was very excited about getting Colin to take a bottle (of breastmilk) just in case I wanted to run to the store and didn't get back in time for a feeding.  Plus Garet can feed him!

He did great!  (Both of them)  =)

I actually think he ate more than he normally would.  Drinking from a bottle, the milk comes out a lot faster.  Now I feel better when I run out to do an errand and leave Colin with Garet.  At least if he gets hungry, he will be able to eat!

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Carrie said...

Yay!!! You are going to love the freedom that comes with an occasional bottle! Glad everything is going well.

PS We gave Carter his first bottle IN CHURCH! Haha...probably not the best place to figure out if he wanted to take a bottle or not, but he did - and we were good :-)