Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We have Garet's mom here for a week!  Grandma Kay!  She came with Rod to meet our sweet Colin!

They got here on Sunday and Rod left today - Grandma Kay leaves on Friday.  It is so great having family come by!!

When we don't have visitors, I am learning to get things done with a newborn!  I recently bought a wrap, which I love, that will allow me to do things with BOTH hands while holding Colin.  He is such a good baby though.  He is very content laying on his mat, or in his swing, where I can do things.  It is amazing to me how mother instints really do just kick in!  Giving baths, changing clothes (and diapers!), nursing, triming nails... I feel like I just know how to do it.  It is really neat.  And to see Garet as a dad - it just melts my heart!

Garet and I have been doing walks almost everyday.  I am proud to say that I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans!  They are a little snug - but I fit!  Just in time for Fall =)  I can't wait until the doctor tells me I can start working out again. 

I will do another post about the time we've had with our visitors!

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