Saturday, November 15, 2008

Early Christmas...

Guess who got an early Christmas present????

We went out today and got a new recliner! We have wanted one for a long time, we decided to make that our "big" gift for each other for Christmas - and we just couldn't wait :) Here is Garet in our new chair:
And here is me:
So far we've had a great weekend! Although, it is FREEZING - and I'm not just saying that, it has literally been freezing! Yesterday the high was 69 and today the high was 47! We went and hung out with our neighbors tonight, we had a good time. Now we are home watching some t.v. and taking turns reclining!


Carrie said...

I love the recliner! Where did you get it?

Carrie said...

We have a lazy-boy recliner too, and we love it! That one actually looks a lot like ours :-) They are so comfy...and I love how you can lean back and rock at the same time!