Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 on Tuesday...

1. First off, we LOVE having a recliner! It is wonderful! Second, Suzi likes the recliner too.... yes, she has decided that when we left home she would rock in it herself *sigh* I came home yesterday to a hairy seat cushion. Lucky for us it is leather and easily brushed off, also lucky for us, she didn't scratch it or tear it! She was yelled at, and today there was no evidence of her being on the chair again. She must have seen how much we enjoyed rocking in it!

2. Sunday morning, Garet and I had nursery duty at church. This was the first Sunday that we have done this. We decided to volunteer with the kiddos to get more involved in church, and it is also good experience for us. It went really well. We were in the "Inchworm World" room. The kids were just starting to walk, and they all did really well - we had one meltdown, but overall everyone was very happy.

3. Garet and I had a date on Sunday night, and we went to see the movie Eagle Eye. It was really good. It was packed with action! I love getting to go out to a movie every once in a while, we even got popcorn! Although, I have to admit, theater popcorn just isn't as good as Boy Scout popcorn.... and I'm not just saying that :)

4. Speaking of, Garet is having a super busy work week. They are getting shipments of ALL the popcorn people have ordered! I think they are swimming in it at his office!

5. I got my camera out this weekend to take pictures and guess what? It's broken! I am so upset! It still takes pictures, but the whole screen is completely white... so you can't see what you are taking a picture of. Since we have to have one, I figure I will just wait till the day after Thanksgiving and buy a good one. I am soooo mad about it! And it was my fault! I had it in my purse and dropped my purse... so sad...

6. So, the day after Thanksgiving... since I will be getting out in the craziness anyway I found the website of who is having what on sale that day. But I have heard that stores are starting their sales early. Hopefully I can find a good camera!

7. I just can't believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT week!! We will be heading up to Michigan to spend the holiday with Garet's sister and her family. We are so excited! I think I just might freeze though - I have heard that they had snow flurries predicted up there this past week.

8. Just in time for the cold weather up north - I just got a new coat! I am going to be prepared for the snow!!

9. Last year at this time, Garet and I were preparing to move into our house. Again, I can't believe how fast this year as flown by! I think I say that every year though. Anyway, we are coming up on the end of our year warranty for a lot of things in our house. Since we built it, they fix a lot of things within the first year. So we have to make our list :)

10. I find it really hard to get things done at work when I know I am going out of town next week! Is that just me? I find myself trying to decide (in my head) what to pack and what to make and when to clean and when to do laundry and, and, and.... I am a planner if you haven't figured that out!

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