Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yesterday I made the best cookies EVER! I got them from Pillsbury - they are called Double-Delight Peanut Butter Cookies. Seriously they are! You have definitely gotta make them! :)

This weekend has been jammed packed - and we're still going! We had our Sunday School Christmas party Friday night. It was really fun, it is always great to see everyone outside of church on Sundays. We played Dirty Santa - and Garet and I walked away with a blender! Nice!

Yesterday I cleaned ALL morning. Suzi went to get bathed at PetSmart - and they brushed her teeth! I'm not even kidding! Oh and they gave her perfume?!? Really? She smelled like vanilla. That afternoon we volunteered by wrapping gifts for people at a store down the street. I wasn't feeling too great, so afterwards we came back and relaxed the rest of the night. Except I made cookies!

Today, after church we got to work on laundry and packing. I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow! We are having a couple over to watch the football game tonight, so we are just making sure everything is ready to go tomorrow. I am going to come home from work, and hopefully, jump in the car and GO!


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