Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Friends in Charlotte...

We tried to catch up with as many of our friends in Charlotte as we could, but we still didn't get to them all! It is so hard when we're only in town for a few days to see everyone. I got to have lunch with Andrea and Laurie on Christmas Eve. I met Laurie in middle school and Andrea in 9th grade.

Christmas Eve night at the church service we went to, I got to catch up with my friend Marsha. Marsha has been my best friend since we were 5 years old! She has been engaged for about a year now, and I FINALLY got to meet her fiance! It was so great to see her!

On Friday, the day after Christmas Garet and I made our rounds. We stopped by to see my friend Cayce first. She lives in downtown Charlotte really close to the Panthers stadium. I met Cayce in college, we both worked at a resturant - the same one I met Garet at. So she has known Garet and I since we first started dating!

Then we traveled to Christy's apartment. Christy is one of my best friends! We have been through so much together - we met in the 9th grade. It was soo good to see her and catch up some!

Last, we went and had dinner with one of Garet's good friends, Justin and his wife Jessica. They got married this past August. It was a nice dinner - and, of course, Garet had to take a picture!

It was so great to see all of our friends! We love Huntsville, but I only wish it was closer!!
Hope everyone has a happy, safe New Year's!!!

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