Friday, January 2, 2009


We are loving the Wii! On Christmas day, right after we opened it, Garet had it all hooked up on my parents t.v. and we started playing. Here is some of us while we were in Charlotte...

Garet playing tennis

My dad really got into it too!
Me and my dad
Garet brought to my attention that our t.v. doesn't have the outlets to hook up the Wii here at our house. First let me say, Garet has been wanting to get a new t.v. for over a month or so now - so, anyway, he was telling me that we couldn't play at our house since we wouldn't be able to hook it up to our t.v. Our t.v. is pretty old, it is the kind that has the big 'ole back to it, not like the new ones that are flat - but it still works well. I pointed out that we could just get an adapter... not the same thing...

So, guess what our first purchase of the new year was?
A television
I haven't got a picture yet, but I admit I really like it, and it IS nice to have a big screen to play the Wii on :)

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Anonymous said...

We LOVE our Wii too! So fun! If you ever liked the Mario games growing up you should get Super Mario Galaxy or Super Paper Mario...they are way fun too! :-)

And yay for a new TV too!