Wednesday, January 28, 2009


No, not me...
Poor sweet Suzi is sick =(

Over the weekend, while Garet's friend was here (which I'll have to tell about later), Suzi started coughing. It was a horrible sounding cough - pretty much like a gag. We took her to the vet Monday morning and, of course, she didn't cough while she was there... so they just based their diagnosis on what we described to them. They said it sounded like she had reverse sneezing. From the symptoms at that time, it did sound like that...

Well last night after Garet and I got home from work, she started again. This time it didn't go away and it turned into just rapid breathing. She was having to hold her head up real high just to breathe. It freaked me out. So Garet and I decided to take her on in to the emergency vet.

After x-ray's and a few blood tests (and a lot of money!) they said Suzi had pneumonia. They sent us home with some pills and said we need to get her back to our normal vet today. We got home at about midnight - Suzi woke me up at about 1:30 just pacing because she couldn't get to sleep since she was breathing so hard. So I got up and rubbed her till she fell asleep, got back into bed around 3 a.m. then woke up at 6. Then do you know what I did???

walked right into my door frame.
right in the middle of my face.
so, now my nose has a bruise on it - right in the middle.

I'll give an update about Suzi after her appointment today. Poor pup!


Anonymous said...

Aww poor Suzi!! And that sucks about your bruise too, haha. I may have laughed a little when I read that..but I'm sure I was laughing WITH you not AT you, right? :-)

Neal, Meghan & Sophie said...

All that getting up in the night and staying with and soothing Suzi back to sleep......hmmmmm sounds very similar to what it is like to have a child! Good prep for children, not good that Suzi is sick, but just reading it reminded me of when Sophie was a baby and all the getting up and walking into things!!!! Hope she is better soon!