Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moving recap...

With Garet taking this new position, we are now considering the possibility of moving. I really don't mind moving - don't get me wrong, I hate packing and loading/unloading, the stuff like that, but to MOVE from one place to another just isn't that big of a deal to me. I love our house now, but it is just a house. I love the area we live in, but there are a million other areas just like it around the U.S. I love that our backyard has a fence for Suzi, but many houses have fenced backyards. I got to thinking about this because as we have brought up the possibility to some people, they say, "but you JUST moved!", or "but you just built your house!" Thinking of all this got me to think of all the "moves" Garet and I have made. So just to recap them, here we go:

First of all, Garet and I met at college. We both had apartments in Charlotte, so we'll make that our starting point. (1) Charlotte.

(2) St. John - Garet swept me off my feet after college and off we went to da Islands mon! We packed some of our stuff and shipped the rest to the little island of St. John in the Caribbean. We moved to a small one room house that was literally on the side of a mountain. Here we are in our house:
Here is the house from the road, the house was down a really steep hill. That was always fun when you had your hands full with groceries!
The house was named "Tucked Away" can you see why? This picture was taken at the bottom of our hill. You can barely see the screened porch! (it is in the middle of the mountain)
(3) Charlotte - I don't know if this would really be considered a "move" but I'm counting it. We moved back to the states after about a year and crashed with my parents for a few weeks. Here is a picture of our MESS!!
(4) Wilmington Apartment - Garet was going to go to grad school, so off we moved to the beach of North Carolina. We moved into a nice apartment. Here is our living room - we had a temporary bed set up in there. This was right after we moved in.
Here I am in the kitchen.
(5) Wilmington House - so we bought a house in Wilmington. I really loved that house. So cute! We thought we would be there longer than we ended up being there. We actually still own this house - we have it rented right now.
Garet and I in our backyard. The lady before us REALLY new her flowers/plants! The backyard was gorgeous!
Oh and, of course, that is where we got Miss. Suzi.
(6) Huntsville Rental - so by this point when we said, "we're moving again!" nobody was really surprised. When we said "we are traveling around the south to pick where we want to live" people kinda shrugged and said, "have fun!" After living in the Islands, I don't think we surprised anyone anymore. After 2 weeks of "traveling" we found Huntsville, AL. Here we moved into this TINY place.
This was the living room/dining room... it was really small. But it served it's purpose.
Once again - Suzi :) -can you tell I love my dog!
(7) Last but not least! Huntsville House - so we decided to build a house. After a few months of building we moved into the house we currently live in.
Here we are last summer in our backyard:
That sums it up... we've moved 7 times within the last [approximately] 6 years. Good times :) One of these days we'll find a place to stay for awhile... or maybe not...
With all that said, we haven't put our house on the market or anything, but I can see the drive getting really tiring for Garet. So, I'll keep you updated if or when we do sale!


Neal, Meghan & Sophie said...

We will be thinking about you guys as you make the best decision possible for the two, oops three of you (sorry Suzi!). I know you will be happy wherever you end up, that is just who you are you little Nomad you!

The Melton's said...

Wow! You guys sure have been busy :-) Leaves for interesting stories that's for sure! Good luck!