Thursday, January 29, 2009

Catch up...

Last Friday one of Garet's best friends, Scott, came to visit from D.C. Scott and his girlfriend got here Friday night. We ended up going downtown to hang out for a while. Scott and Garet have been friends since elementary school! He was one of Garet's best men at our wedding (yes, Garet had 2 best men). This was his second time being here so he'd already seen the area, but it was neat to show his girlfriend around. She couldn't believe the "traffic" here! Garet was driving them to our house from the airport around 5:00, ya know during "rush hour" and she kept asking where everyone was!

Saturday we went to some stores and Scott bought a Wii Fit. It was $50 cheaper here than in D.C. So we, of course, hooked that up! That is a really fun game (exercise)! We got stuck playing all the balance games. These pictures don't do it justice, but everyone was flailing their arms all over the place trying to balance!

Here is Garet:

Here is Scott... I think he was skiing:

Here is me on the balance board:

I hate to toot my own horn but I really kicked butt on the ski jump :) OH and my Wii age was 28, compared to the boys being in their 40's!

So we took them out to Bridgestreet for some food and shopping and a movie. It is so nice out there. We took it easy on Sunday since we all had to wake up early Monday morning. Their plane took off at around 8 a.m. Here is Garet and Scott:

We had a good weekend with them!

Just an update on my sweet pup: After being at the vet ALL day yesterday they *think* she has a fungal disease. They are doing a blood test now to see what type of fungal disease. They were shocked because it isn't common around here.... So she's on medicine right now, and other than an occasional cough she seems to be doing pretty okay. We just can't get her excited or she will start hacking - If anyone knows my dog they know as soon as someone walks in the door she gets VERY excited! So it is pretty difficult to keep her calm :)

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