Friday, December 19, 2008

Suzi's Christmas...

We aren't the only ones getting presents early, we went ahead and gave Suzi her Christmas present too. We got her a new bed, her old one was getting pretty gross! She loves it!

This week has pretty much flown by (thank goodness!) Work has been busy enough, and when I get home I just fall on the couch! I have been so tired lately for some reason! I think I need some sun in my life! It has been so gross and rainy and gloomy - I think when the sun comes out I will feel more energized! :)

Our weekend is looking fairly busy. Suzi has a Petsmart appointment for a bath tomorrow morning, then we are volunteering with our church to wrap some gifts tomorrow afternoon. I like wrapping presents, but Garet on the other hand.... let's just say he will probably be cutting the tape for people!

We are so excited for our Christmas trip to Charlotte! I can't wait to catch up with friends and, of course, see my WHOLE family! My aunt and uncle and cousins from Texas are going to get to come up too! I haven't blogged about it, but my youngest cousin in Texas is sick so they haven't been able to travel in a few years, so this is truly a blessing!

My mind is trying to figure out when and what to pack and when I am going to clean the house! I like to have a clean house when we get back from a trip, so that will probably be what I do on Sunday! Fun stuff! Garet and I finally got around to taking a Christmas picture last week. Here is an outtake:

Gotta love that dog! I was trying to figure out our camera. Since it is new, I don't know where everything is yet. So I thought it was on the timer so I could run and jump in the picture, but obviously it wasn't :)

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