Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th...

For July 4th some of our friends invited us out to Lake Guntersville to hang out and then watch fireworks. We got out there and ate BBQ then the sky opened and it started pouring down rain! When it looked like the rain wasn't going to let up, the boys decided they were going to kayak in the rain! They were soaked, but had a good time. This is Garet finishing up his ride - you can see the raindrops on the lake.

The rain stopped right before the fireworks were supposed to start. We jumped in the boat and went to the middle of the lake to watch. It was so pretty! I love being out on the lake - it is so peaceful! We had a great time! Garet, of course, took his famous picture! This is Taylor, Garet, Amanda, and me.

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Amanda said...

Ha! Garet does a pretty good job at taking pics!