Saturday, July 19, 2008

Girl Time...

Well, looks like Suzi and my girl time is coming to an end... Garet will be back at noon today =) YAY!!! I really have gotten a lot done while he was gone. Yesterday I gave Suzi a bath - to wash away any evidence of the situation we had this week. We'll just call it "Suzi's landscape project". I will try and remember to get a picture of it! Suzi and I have made up and come to an agreement - She will no longer landscape our yard, and I will no longer leave her outside all day.

I have had lots of time to think while Garet was away, so I have decided that I want to: paint, make a photo wall in the dining room, get a recliner, make Suzi's landscaping look better (i.e. make some sort of stone or another type of walkway from our patio to our side gate...). We'll see what Garet thinks of my ideas! Better get ready to head to the airport!

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