Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So far, not so good...

This weekend, after I bought Suzi her doghouse, I started leaving her out longer during the day so she could get used to being outside in the heat. This week, starting on Monday, I have been leaving her outside when I leave in the mornings, then bringing her in for the remainder of the day when I go home for lunch. Monday she did great! Tuesday she did great! Today...... I found 2 holes in our yard =(

We have a couple of chipmunks that have made our backyard their home and have a couple of holes in the middle of our yard. Occasionally they like to jump out and tease Suzi. Well I guess today Suzi showed them that she can and will dig deeper to find them! I was soo mad! Here I thought I had the perfect little princess puppy -- psh yeah right! So now I am trying to figure out how to teach her NOT to dig!! I already poured [lots and lots] of pepper on the holes so she won't go near them. Wish me luck with that.... I need to get rid of the chipmunks!

On a better note - our 4 day work weeks were approved by the board yesterday! Yay! So starting Monday I will have Monday's off! So I WILL figure out how to make this work with Suzi!

On an even better note - my hubby will be back this weekend!!!! I can't wait!

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