Sunday, July 13, 2008

I did it...

I bought a doghouse.

Garet has our camera but here is a picture of what it looks likeI will have to take some of her when Garet gets back.
So, I had some friends of ours, Kevin and Carrie, help me bring it home. They have a truck so that was nice, because there was no way I was getting that thing in my car! I also bought Suzi this new toy - and she LOVES it!! I mean she loves it so much that she doesn't even want to come inside! In fact, it is raining right now (and Suzi does not like to get wet!) and she was wanting to go outside to play with her new toy, so I opened the door - thinking that she would say forget that! But nope, she ran out and started playing in the rain!! Hopefully this will help her [me] be more okay with the transition. =)

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