Friday, September 11, 2009

Big girl...

My little Suzi turns 4 today!
Garet and I have learned the hard way that dog toys don't stand a chance against Suzi Beane! Remember the toy she LOVED?? It was her big purple ball. Well she figured out how to demolish it in a day - so we decided she needed something stronger. Garet found out that they make these Jolly Balls for horses....

So... you guessed it - Suzi got a horse ball for her birthday!
We gave it to her before her actual birthday (I'm pretty sure she didn't know the difference). She LOVED it!!
I tried to get an action shot - Garet would throw it up really high and she would jump to catch it.
Sorry the pictures are so dark - it was only like 8:00. I tried to upload a video of her and Garet playing but I obviously don't know how to do that :)
We decided to take it easy tonight! Since we were out of town last weekend until Tuesday, then Wednesday after work I hung out with a friend until late, then last night I had a work meeting, it is time to do NOTHING when I get home from work! Yay!


Amanda said...

that is great! i love the picture of her jumping! Great action shot!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Suzi! I remember when you were just a cute little baby...seems like such a short time ago!! You're such a good girl!!
Love, Your Grans

Carrie said...

Heppy Birthday, Suzi!