Monday, September 28, 2009

Our weekend...

The weekend started out gross and rainy, but turned into being really beautiful! On Friday night, Garet and I had a date night! We went to dinner and a movie. It was really nice.

Saturday, Garet had a fishing rodeo for work. Here is the one from last year... this year it was out in Decatur. I didn't go this year, and Garet didn't have many pictures because it POURED down rain! I was at the house and cleaned most of the morning. After I had my shower and was all set to get out and do something, the rain came and didn't stop!! I have no clue how much we got, but it was steady for a few hours! When I finally got up the motivation to get out in it (I went to the grocery store) it let up some.

Sunday was absolutely beautiful!! That morning Garet and I decided to go to church then go out and do something outside. You just can't waste a gorgeous day like that inside! So after lunch we headed to Guntersville. There is a nice path around the lake that we walked around.
Down near the water there was a nice breeze. It was so perfect to be outside!
After that, we went to The Blue Parrot. This is a cute little restaurant on the lake (right next to Top O' The River, for those of you familiar to the area). Garet worked here as a bartender when we first moved here. When we got there, it was right in the middle of lunch and dinner (like 3:00), so we were just going to grab a water and enjoy the view. Well, turns out they were having a free concert! It was a praise/worship kind of fellowship concert of some sort. We stayed and listened to some of the singers. They were very good.
and then...
I have no clue who this was... but he was a christian rapper! It was VERY entertaining! I was seriously speechless! There were tons of younger kids that were really into it, and singing and dancing! He was good. It is just odd to hear praise songs being rapped.
The kids on the stage were the singers children. They were dancing to "Switch Lanes" (...if you are going down the wrong path, switch lanes!) Oh, so very entertaining!

What a great weekend :)

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