Sunday, September 13, 2009

Panthers and birds...

1. Okay so Garet and I are Carolina Panthers fans!!! Wooo hoo!!
Yesterday was their first game, and boy were they BAD! So sad! It is always so exciting for us to cheer for our Panthers. We are obviously not anywhere near any other fans, so it is just us cheering at the restaurant. - We are at the restaurant, ya know because, of course, they don't televise Panthers on our local stations. I think the only time they do is when Panthers are playing Tennessee.
Anyway... we were so pumped! We woke up early to go to the early service at church, to make sure we were out in time for the game :) We put on our colors, and parked ourselves at Buffalo Wild Wing. We did actually score a touchdown right off - but it just went downhill from there (wayy downhill) Maybe next week?? I'll let ya know.

2. When my parents were here a few months ago they brought a bluebird house with them. Now first off - I really really dislike birds, strongly! They are fine and dandy to look at from far way, but they just give me the creeps. Dunnowhy. So, I was weary of having a birdhouse so close to the house. I didn't want to attract the creepy little things. Secondly - how the heck would BLUEbirds know that this is a BLUEbird house?? Well, turns out they are smarter than I thought...
I don't think I have seen a bluebird since we have lived in this house, and yesterday Garet told me to look out back - 3 of them! It is actually pretty neat :)

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Amanda said...

WHAT! I'm so do they know it is a bluebird house??? And, I'm with you, I don't like birds up close either.