Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crazy dog...

Yes, this girl:
Many of you know some of my Suzi stories (here and here for example). Well this one isn't soo bad :)

Yesterday, Garet went home around 3:00 in the afternoon. He gives me a call, and he says, "Where's Suzi??" I thought he was joking. He thought that I had taken her somewhere earlier yesterday and he just thought he had forgotten (like the vet, or Petsmart). So he thought I was joking. The conversation went something like this:

G: Where's Suzi?
Me: Yeah right! (Suzi is normally all over us when we get home)
G: Seriously, where is she?
Me: Nu uh! ..... Garet? huh?
G: I can't find her!
Me: What? Are you kidding with me?!
G: Kelly, I pinkie promise! (That means it's serious!)
Me: Ohmigosh, I gotta get out of here (I was at work)
G: Okay.

I run in and tell my boss, I gotta go, my dogs missing! She says fine, good luck, and I'm out the door. Garet calls back:

G: What the heck?
Me: Is any doors open?
G: No
Me: How the heck would she have gotten out?!
G: The mat in the laundry room is all messed up, the laundry detergent bottle is moved around, looks like a struggle.
Me: Do you think someone broke in? Is anything else missing??
G: No??

Okay - so in my (crazy, dog obsessed, not thinking straight) mind, I am trying to make sense... no doors were open to the outside, we normally shut all the inside doors to all various rooms, nothing was missing, garage door was shut....
I came up with all sorts of scenarios... a robber tried to get in and Suzi got out - and somehow the robber shut the door as he was leaving with nothing (??)
Suzi got stuck somewhere in the house and was hurt (or worse)
There was a hole in our house going to outside that we didn't know about - maybe through our fireplace (???)
HA! told ya I wasn't thinking clearly.

I was almost home, and Garet calls me again...

G: She was in our guest bathroom.
Me: ...
G: The door must have been opened a crack and she went in and then the door shut behind her. Looks like she was in the tub because all the shampoo bottles were knocked over.
Me: HA! At least she's okay!
G: She has her head down and tail tucked like she is in trouble.
Me: awwww

Hahaha! Suzi doesn't bark when it is just Garet or I coming or going. If you have ever met my dog, you probably know (and have experienced) that Suzi is a great watchdog! She sounds very mean, and barks like crazy at the doorbell or anyone besides us that comes inside. So, poor dog was stuck in the bathroom and not making noise. Garet (thinking all the doors had been shut before we left) didn't even think to open the bathroom door. She sure had us scared!

So...... after going through all these crazy emotions, and for-sure-could-never-happen situations, Suzi is fine.


Carrie said...

Glad she's ok! I know you were terrified! You might want to check your house for large Suzi size holes anyway, just in case ;-) I'm the exact same way though... I would have thought about all those things!

Meghan said...

Ya'll are so funny!!!