Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our God is an awesome God...

February 16, 2012:  Here's how our day went:We woke up at 6:15ish, Garet was on Colin since I had a doctors appointment.  The appointment was with a fertility specialist.  We figured, it took almost 2 years to get Colin, we might as well get the process started for a second child.  I got ready, ate, and was out of the house by 7 (it's in Wilmington, so it takes an hour to get there).  Got to the doctor (late - darn traffic!), and it went well.  We came up with a "game plan" (the same "plan" that we did when we got pregnant with Colin)  The doctor wanted me to go get lab work done when I left his office.  He said that someone would call me that afternoon with my lab results.  The nurse told me that she would go ahead and call in my prescription for the injections (the meds I was going to start), since that's what worked before, we decided to do that again this time around.

After I went to the lab for bloodwork, I headed home to my sweet guys (and Suzi, of course!).
I got home, took over Colin, made lunches, played, then put Colin down for his nap.  While he was asleep I got a call from the place that will send me my injections.  They said they had received my prescription, but unfortunately my insurance did not cover it.  [side note: I had already looked into fertility treatments on Garet's insurance, and she assured me that they WOULD cover what I thought I was going to need to do. We were under my employer's healthcare when we went through this to have Colin].  So it was going to be over $1,200!!  I told her to just hold the prescription... then I went upstairs to talk to Garet almost in tears.

After talking with him, I came downstairs, layed down with Suzi and prayed, "God please show me what we are supposed to do.  I KNOW that you can allow Garet and I to get pregnant on our own if it is in your will.  Is this your way of showing me to just trust you??  Okay then, I trust YOU." 
I went and got Colin up from his nap, made his snack, and was hanging out with him in the living room when my phone rang. (this was within 1/2 hour of the first call)  It was my doctor with my lab results:
Me: Hello
Joy: (yes that was her name!) Is this Kelly?
Me: Yes
Joy: I have your lab results...
you are pregnant!
Me: What????  (pretty sure I yelled at the sweet lady)
Me: Are you sure you have the right person?
Joy: Yep, you are definitely pregnant.

By this time Garet was downstairs and figured out what was going on.  I kept saying, "How," "Really," "What," "I don't know"....  I was floored!


When we found out I was absolutely stunned!  It took us going to a fertility specialist and a lot of treatments to get Colin. Because of my condition (pcos) it was almost guaranteed that I would need assistance for any future children.  So, at the end of January, we made an appointment with a specialist to get the process started. It was pretty much a consultation visit... then on February 16 I had my next appointment...  We are so happy and grateful for this new little life!
So - with that - I give all my thanks to God for this is truly a miracle.

[I wrote this the day we found out so I wouldn't forget =)  I am now 11 weeks pregnant.  I felt absolutely horrible at first, now I just feel "okay".  We are so excited and feel truly blessed!]


Carrie said...

OH HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is more than exciting :-) Congrats, Beane family & Praise the Lord!

Trisha said...


L Davis said...

We're super excited for you (and us). Our God is awesome. What a blessing, and what a great testimony.

Granny Kay said...

Seems like you just have to leak this to SO many couples (especially the desperate Mom's) who have fertility issues. It also reminds me of Mothers Day @ Willowbrook, aching for you to have Colin our first Mothers Day there together, and then the 2nd Mothers Day, handing you a rose.
Our God is an awesome God.....keep sharing this story! HOPE is a beautiful word!!! THANK YOU KELLY Beane!

Missy said...

Wow that is so exciting! God was definitely watching over you and had a plan for you. What a blessing. Congratulations!

Laura said...

yay!!! Congratulations!! We are so happy for you all!!

Hunter and his family... said...

YAY!!!! So happy for you guys! You brought tears to my eyes of how happy you guys are and how the news was brough to you. It was truly meant to be for you guys. God did some great work and had that in his plan for you guys. Congratulations!