Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter...

We went to visit Garet's sister and her two kids for Easter, and we had a great time!!   Easter morning Colin got his Easter basket (which I forgot to take a picture of!  so sad).  We didn't make a big "to-do" about the Easter basket, but he got a little soccar ball, a little broom and broom pan (he LOVES to sweep and clean! haha), and some peeps, we also got him a water table that we are making part of his Easter basket =)
Then we went into the backyard to search for some easter eggs!
Colin caught on right away to what he was supposed to do!  And he had a blast!

It was so cute to see him searching for his easter eggs. 

Oh what a handsome child!!  We didn't put anything in his eggs (he's only 18 months - he sure doesn't need candy!) and he had a blast just playing with them.  After egg hunting, we headed off to church.

It was a lovely service, it is always wonderful to hear about the resurrection of Jesus!
Garet's sister lives in Mt. Airy - which is the home of Andy Griffith (and Opie, and Barney, and the rest of the crew!)  So... we had to get a picture with Andy and Opie =)

Colin was really interested in Opie's foot.

Once we got back to the house, we snapped some pictures while everyone was still in their church clothes!  Here's my crew:

Garet's mom and her husband came to visit for a couple days too!  So we got a shot with them:

Then Rod took the picture of all of us!  We sure had a nice Easter!!

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