Monday, April 30, 2012

Back in the groove...

We got back on Wednesday and quickly got back into our routine here.  Colin watched Garet unpack the car...

I decided to clean out closets and drawers.  In Colin's room I had an empty box of wipes, which Colin sat in...

Ha!  Silly kid!
We had a good weekend.  We didn't do too much - Colin did come up with a new game while I was making dinner one night.  He loves balls - so he climed up on one chair, and tossed the ball into his highchair!

Then we yelled "YAY!" and he got down got the ball, climbed back up, threw it again... it was very entertaining!

When he missed it I said "oh man" then Colin started saying "oh minn", it was soo cute!  Love him!

 We have a little cut out upstairs that looks out into our dining room.  Colin loves to look over it at whoever is down there.  This is on his way to bed Sunday night =)

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