Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our family time...

Garet got to Charlotte Friday night, so Saturday the Beane's were all together again!  It was soooo great to have Garet back!  I missed him so much!  And Colin was so excited to wake up to Daddy! 
So, we decided to have some family time!  We went to a nice area down the road from my parents and took Colin to a bounce house.  The area for kids his age was just these soft things that you could stack...

But with Garet with him we were able to take Colin on the "big" kids toys!

Colin LOVED it!  (so did Garet!)

Everything was a bouncy, blow up thing!  At the end was a BIG slide!  We weren't too sure how he would like it... here he is at the top...

... and on the way down!

HA!   He LOVED it!  And kept wanting to do it over again!  He is like a blur in these pictures!

There was also this basketball bounce thing... perfect for Colin!  He spent most of his time here.  None of the kids came close to getting the ball in this (super tall) net, but they had fun.  Colin would try to throw the ball to the other kids for them to shoot it. 

That night Garet and I went out.  We went downtown, which we never do!  And we had so much fun!  We had dinner, then went and got some frozen yogurt.  It was perfect.

On Monday we had another family outing... to Discovery Place!  Colin is still a bit young to enjoy everything there, but the things that were his age were awesome!  As I have mentioned, Colin loves water... so when we walked into the first area and there was a HUGE water table, he was in heaven!

It was pretty cold outside, so we took off his shirt so it wouldn't get soaked (then freeze him when we went out...) and they had these cute little aprons to put on.  He was so busy and into this water that he didn't notice us at all!

We finally got him to look around and discover that there were other things to do... like this light table...

... and there were tons of other fun, hands on activities in that area.  Then we walked down the hall some, and Colin got really excited to see these bears!

I mean he ran so fast to them!  It was hilarious - I mean  don't these look scary to you?! 
Then we got to the aquarium.  Colin was so interested in all the fish! 

There was a little rainforest that we could walk through... there was even a little net bridge that you could walk over.  I wasn't sure if Colin would do it... you could see through the net and it was high off the ground... but my boy seems fearless!

Upstairs was pretty much too old for him.  But he had a blast running around looking at everything!  There were lots of older kids that he liked to watch.  The next picture Colin was putting torn newspaper in this tube, and there was air that blew the paper up and out the top of the tube.  So simple, yet so interesting =)

We had so much fun!  There was even a few little computer monitors that Colin could look at...

After this we went out to lunch - where Colin filled up on two big cups of milk - then it was back to my parents house for a nap.  It was nice to get out as a family and play!  We had the best time!


Lacey said...

That looks like such a fun weekend! I can't wait until Charley is old enough to do fun stuff like that! Colin is such a happy, fun kid!

Granny Kay said...

AH!! so much fun Would love to be a kid today.....glad you could do all that family stuff!! no better medicine for what ails ya! Wish we were closer...grams and Papa Rod