Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We were able to get away for a long weekend to Garet's sister's house!  Karen and her two kids, Kathryn and Sam live in Mt. Airy... this is the cutest town!  If you aren't familar with it, it is home of Andy Griffith!  We had sooo much fun visiting and hanging out!  Here is a quick recap of our weekend...

Friday we went to the park.  Colin had a blast!  It was a little chilly, but beautiful outside!  Then we went out to lunch.  The park was packed with kids!  And there was a little "jail" like from the Andy Griffith show!  

That afternoon (after naps) we went exploring downtown.  The town is soooo cute!  And the stores are really neat - there was Opie's Candy Store that had tons of glass containers of candy and you just put in a bag whatever you wanted... then you pay by the pound.  And they sold old timey bottles - I had to get one! =)  We grilled that night for dinner. It was fun to play in their backyard while the burgers were cooking!

See Andy in the car?!  haha

On Saturday, Garet and I took Sam and Kathryn to Pilot Mountain for a hike!  It was beautiful!! 

We had so much fun getting to hang out!  Colin loved to watch Sam - he would just crack up whenever Sam did pretty much anything!  I learned how to play a game on Xbox, and Garet did pretty well at Wipeout.  We had a fire outside and ate waaay too many chocolate easter eggs!  Saturday evening Garet's mom and Rod came and we ate a nice Easter dinner (since we left Sunday). 

Here was our Sunday... and after lunch the Beane crew packed up and drove home.  Can I say it again??  It is sooo nice to live close to family =)

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