Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our days...

One day I may want to remember these crazy days =)
These pictures are random ones I have taken this month. 
We wake up early... Colin is up by 7 and Addison is up anywhere between 5:30 and 7.  Once we are all awake, the kids play in the living room while we get breakfast together. 

Breakfast is eaten by 8 each morning.  You can see that Addison is a dainty eater... she will eat pieces of food one at a time...
And Colin... he just shoves it in his mouth =)  note the watermelon seed on his chin
After breakfast, we get dressed.  Colin plays with cars most of the time as I get myself and Addison dressed.

Once we are all dressed and ready for the day it is usually around 8:30/9.  If it is Tues/Thursday we drop Colin off at preschool.  Any other day we will run errands at this time.  Sometimes, when Addison wakes up earlier, she will "nap" in the car on the way to wherever we are going for the day.
Sometimes we go to stores.
Sometimes the park.
 Sometimes the library. 
 Sometimes we stay around the house.  We get outside, or the kids play in the playroom while I clean or something.
Around noon we eat lunch.  At some point when I am in the kitchen this happens: 

When I am cleaning up from lunch, lots of the time, Colin takes this time to turn into a race car and "race" around the house.  I count the laps he does.  The most he has done was 28.
Between 1 and 2 I put the kids down for their naps/quiet time. 
Colin usually doesn't actually sleep during this time.  He will read books or something.  He just has to be quiet.  Randomly he will fall asleep though...
Addison always naps at this time.
By 3/4 they are up and ready for snacks.  Little Miss Addison is very very interested in food.  So, I make sure to give her a snack while Colin is eating his or she will try her best to get at his food =)

Once snack time is over we usually head outside, unless we have any other errands to run for the day.  When it is really nice, I turn on the hose and Colin is in charge of that.  This day he was "washing his trucks".

When Garet is home we go on walks in the afternoon, or bike rides.

Colin takes a dip in his pool... or sends his cars into the pool via the slide...

Addison really likes riding in the wagon.  Which turns into a "race car" when Colin drives his Jeep.  We race.  Colin wins.  Always.  Oh, and he wrecks us.  Always.
Around 5 or so, depending on what I am making, I head in to start dinner.  Colin will either stay outside, or head in with me and drive me crazy play in the kitchen with Addison, or I will put on a movie or t.v. show.  (Normally it's the latter.  It makes dinner making go so much smoother!)

Dinner is around 6.  After dinner, when Garet is home he will take over with the kids and I will shower or just go enjoy a bit of quiet time.  Either way the kids usually end up in the playroom playing for a bit before we wind down. 
At 7, Curious George comes on.  Colin watches this as his way to wind down.  Addison gets her bath and is put to bed.
When Colin's show is over (at 7:30) he gets a bath and goes to bed. 
When Garet is home, we are able to catch up on the day or watch a movie or show on Netflix (House of Cards is our current fav.)
Then we are in bed by 10 or so...
Colin randomly will wake up during the night with a bad dream.  It just takes reassuring him that everything is okay and he goes back to sleep.  I usually hear Addison once a night or so, but most of the time it is just her moving around and she goes back to sleep too.  If she does cry in the middle of the night I go in, rock her for a couple minutes, lay her back down, and she goes back to sleep.

Then we start over =)

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