Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Sing and Egg Hunt...

Last week at Colin's preschool, they performed their "Spring Sing" for the parents!  It was adorable!
They had eggs that rattled... this is when they were supposed to put them up high.  =)
I was on the front row videoing.  Colin kept ducking behind Zion (the cute little girl in front of him).  This is when they were rolling the eggs...
See him peeking? 

It was so so precious!  Colin did great!  Although, once again, he didn't sing =)  Just stood up there looking cute.  We managed to get a family shot...
Then on Thursday, Colin's class had their Easter party.  They were supposed to be out this week for Spring Break, but since they missed days for snow they have school this week.  That's why their party was Thursday instead of this week.

They got cookies and snacks...
Colin was the last one eating.  Which I found out, is normal when he is at school.  =)
Then we headed outside to hunt for eggs!
They made Easter baskets to collect their eggs.  It was so cute watching all the kids looking for eggs!
It is adorable to see Colin interacting with the other kids in his class.

After the egg hunt, we went to the playground where all of them ran off the sugar they had just eaten!
Addison was with me at the Easter party and did so well.  She had a great time watching all the big kids =)  Then she fell asleep on the way home.  I tried to wake her up for lunch when we got home, but she was SOUND asleep.  So I thought, "if I just put her on the floor she will surely wake up!" 
Sweet baby was worn out after the fun party =)

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L Davis said...

awww, love the school "performance"! This is so sweet! Glad to see that Addison didn't just "fall asleep" in the kitchen!!