Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Busy, busy, busy...

Whoa I haven't posted in a long time!  We've been super busy!  As soon as the calander turned to March I had a mini panic... we move this month!  And we hadn't packed!  We hadn't done anything!  So we have been busy getting packed and organized...
I have (somehow managed to) keep up with Beane A Day
Anyway, I am about to loose my mind again since we actually move this weekend, so I figured I would do a quick update =)

My sweet sister-in-law and cousins threw Addison and me a baby shower this past weekend!  I will have to do a seperate post on that since I don't have all the pictures from it yet.  So, Colin, Suzi and I traveled to Charlotte (Garet had to work).  My dad had a great time showing off his toys to Colin!  First he pulled out the tractor!  Colin was amazed!  When I asked him if he wanted to ride he ran over as fast as he could!  This is dad showing him how the buttons work:
Colin LOVED being on the tractor!  Dad made the bucket go up and down, they even went into the garden and got to scoop some dirt.  Colin even got to steer for a bit! 
Dad rode him around the yard... you can see his smile from here!
When they were riding up the driveway mom and I would stand in front of them so they would beep at us, then we would jump out of the way.  Colin thought this was hilarious! 
As soon as he got off the tractor he came running full speed to me smiling ear to ear!  He was so proud!  Then he ran straight to his tractor and started driving it around.  So cute!
Then Colin got another treat and dad pulled out his dune buggy!  Or as Colin calls it... a race car!
 He looked a little unsure at first.  It was pretty loud.  But he loved being on the race car with Papaw!  There they go!
When they came back, Colin was in my dad's lap "driving".  He talked about these trips the rest of the day! 
We've had a great time enjoying the 70/80 degree weather here!  We have spent lots of time outside... lucky for Colin my parents have tons to do.  Yesterday we loaded up and drove to my aunts house.  She got a horse, so we went to meet her.  Colin was prepared with apples and peppermints =)
It had rained like crazy the day and night before, so it was pretty muddy but we still had fun meeting Rose!
I used to ride and own a horse and I miss it so bad!  I figured it wasn't a good idea for my big pregnant self to get up on a horse right now, but Colin could!
It was so pretty outside!  Colin didn't stay up for too long, but he seemed to enjoy it.  The last time he was on a horse it was with me, so this was the first time he sat alone.
Right after this my uncle sat him on his motorcycle and let him beep the horn.  Sorry no pictures of that.  Colin has had a super busy week! 

I will try real hard not to loose my mind during this move!  I will let you know how it goes =)


Hunter and his family... said...

Colin looks like such a big boy on that horse! I think Hunter and him would be BFF's...Hunter is so much into tractors, trucks, race cars and all that boy stuff. So cute!! Remember to slow down. Everything will get done!

L Davis said...

When you write it all down like that, it WAS a super busy week. I so loved the wonderful shower and getting together with everybody!