Friday, February 4, 2011

A great visit...

It was so great having my parents here for a long weekend!  They left on Tuesday morning (I'm just now getting time to post!)  

Colin got [his first] little cold... it was so sad.  You could just hear the congestion in his chest, but it isn't like you can tell a baby to cough!  It really didn't faze him though!  He was still happy and smiling!  He even felt well enough to play on the computer!

We didn't really do too much (since the baby had a cold), but it was great to just hang out!  My mom brought Colin tons more clothes (that were given to her)... most of them are a size too big, so he'll have stuff to wear as he grows =)  He got a few new hats...

I am so happy that my parents could make the drive alllll the way down here!  Colin is growing and changing so fast and I am just glad they can see him in his different stages.  It just amazes me how much babies change in the first year of life!  Here is Colin with is Grandmama and Papaw!

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