Saturday, September 17, 2011

Go Panthers...

It is great to be back in NC so we can cheer on the Panthers!!  Colin got an early birthday present from us... a jersey!  So we got all dressed and got our snack and sat down to watch the game last Sunday.

When I pulled out the camera, Colin looked at me did this:

I have no idea what he's doing, or where he got this face from.  I only assume he is smiling (?) at the camera.  I thought it was just a one time thing... but then, I took the camera out a little later...

Crazy kid!
I finally got him to somewhat smile "normal" at me!

It was so fun to watch the game, but in the end we lost.  Sad.  But we look better than last year.  At least we looked cute watching it =)

1 comment:

Missy said...

Aww he looks super cute in that jersey and look at all his teeth!
Hope yall are doing good!