Friday, September 23, 2011


My baby is one.
This is the last of these shots I will do... as you can see, it is getting tougher to do them anyway (I should do a post of outtakes!)

I am a little at a loss for words... I am sad that he isn't the newborn baby we brought home from the hospital, but I absolutely love the person he is becoming!  What a blessing!  Colin has brought more joy to our lives than I could have ever imagined.  I just can't believe it has been a whole year! 

Colin is:
- almost walking... he have taken steps by himself, but I would consider him "walking" yet
- eating everything in sight!  Well... except he gets picky when it comes to anything green, but the boy has an appitite!
- sleeps 10 -12 hours at night and takes two 1-2 hour naps
- is soooo busy! 
- copies what we do... if we cough, he coughs... if we laugh, he laughs... anything!
- has started throwing toys/balls
- is almost finished nursing (we are down to 1 feeding a day... and I have mixed emotions about that as well!)

Tomorrow is the big party!  What a great first birthday!!


Missy said...

Wow I can't believe he is already 1year old, Happy Birthday Colin!
He's such a handsome boy!

Wife, Mama, Meghan said...

Love it! It is so funny it looks like the little bear shrunk! Such a big beautiful boy! Well done Beanes!

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, Colin! We can't wait to see pictures of the party :-)