Wednesday, October 17, 2012


That's right folks.  We are fire-less here.
If you remember, we call a pacifier a "fire" and on Thursday, October 11 we were done.
I am not a big pacifier fan to begin with.  I don't like having pictures with a "fire" I think it takes away from my sweet baby's face.  That being said... they have been a total lifesaver with Colin, especially when he was a baby!  He only got them at naptime and bedtime.  I didn't let him have them outside of that, and he never seemed to need them.
He got a fire in the hospital when he was born and liked it so much that I didn't even attempt to give him another kind.  I went out and bought 2 more just like it when he was a few months old.  And that's all I had.  3.  I refused to get more.  And those lasted. 

So, Colin slept with 2.  I kept one in my bag in case of emergency.  The past month I noticed a hole in one of them.  (You can see it in the picture... the one on the right at the top)  So I hoped that would trigger Colin to just toss them.  No such luck.  See there's hole in the bottom of it, and he just stuck his finger in there, and that way he could still suck it normally.  So a couple weeks passed and the second one got a hole it it too.  I knew the time was coming, but I wasn't ready to deal with it.
Thursday morning, I got Colin up and he stuck his finger all the way through!  He pointed it at me laughing.  I said, "Bud, these fires are broken.  They need to be thrown away."  So, when he got off his changing table he said "trash" and went over and threw them away.

I was shocked!  I even had a wave of sadness!  Was this it?!  I told him what a good job he did and we left the room (after I snuck them out of the trash!  What if it didn't work?!)  At naptime Garet and I crossed our fingers as I laid him down, without the fires.  Oh it was bad!!!  He cried, I almost cried, he was sooooooo soooooo sad!  After an hour I just got him up. 

That night, we put him to bed without his fires and didn't hear a peep! 
Since then he asks for them regularly before bed.  Everytime we remind him that they were broken and he threw them away.  Then we make a noise like "phooey" or say "stinky" (the trash smell) it always cracks him up.  And then he is fine with it.  There have been a few tears, but they don't last.

So, my baby is growing up.  Good-bye fires.


Hunter and his family... said...

Awwww, Kelly! I'm nervous about this too! He doesn't have them at day care now because of kids switching them out only gets them for nap and bedtime at our house. I guess I may need to really start weaning him from them. Scary!!

L Davis said...

..'sniff'...growing up is hard to do..