Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween...

We had a little cowboy/farmer tonight!  I tried to get some good pictures... but after I took a million, I realized I had my camera on the wrong setting!  Oh well... I got a couple decent ones...
After this picture he threw his hat off, and he didn't put it back on the rest of the night =)
 We went to our church, they had a fun thing for the kids.  Colin is too young to actually trick-or-treat, so we went there and had a good time!
Colin got to participate in some of the games they had set up.  And he is one smart kid!  This one he was supposed to throw the bean bag into the hole... after one throw from back at the line, he walked up to the hole and threw it right in!
He got to golf (although it looked like he was trying to use the golf club like a pool stick) 
Colin also got his face painted!  He just sat there emotionless... then once the lady was finished he was smiling so big!  "football!  football!"
I think Colin's favorite part was the bounce house!

We grabbed some pizza there.  I didn't grab any utensils, so this was the first time Colin ate pizza without me cutting it up... look at that little bite!
When we got home, we cut on all of our lights... put Suzi in the basement (so she didn't freak out!)... and waited on the trick-or-treaters!  Somehow Colin lost his shirt during this process.
Colin and Garet sat out front and gave out candy... I made hot chocolate and stayed inside where it was warm =)  It was a great night!  Colin really enjoyed handing out candy! 
Hope everyone has a great Halloween!!

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