Saturday, December 21, 2013

December so far...

Earlier this month we headed to the mall to see Santa.  Our mall here in High Point is... umm... well... it seems like it is about to close down.  Lots of the stores are empty.  So we were some of the only people in the mall on a weekday morning!  We took full advantage and let Colin run around =)  As always, the escalator was a huge hit!
If you follow my other blog, you have already seen this picture of the kids with Santa:
Addison was definitely not happy... and Colin had this fake smile the whole time.  =)

Then... Colin made me cry...
he made me read this book.  I literally couldn't finish it. 

We also took a day and went to see Garet's sister.  Her son, Sam, was playing basketball so we got to cheer him on!  It was a lot of fun!  
My parents also decided to come for the day!  I LOVE that we can be a day visit for some of our family!  I thought Addison was going to skip her afternoon nap, but I gave her to my dad and BOOM this happened =)
I had planned on making some Christmas cookies for the trash guys and the mailman.  I made the dough earlier that day, then I recruited some help to cut them out. 
Colin did a great job!  I think he really enjoyed helping! 
Here is the behind the scenes shot... I think Addison wanted to help too...

Then Grandmama took over the baby and we sang some Christmas songs!
This past Thursday, Garet and I took the kids to High Point University.  They had this awesome Christmas Celebration!  It was really neat!  And it was all free!  When we drove in, the kids were handed golden tickets (to later "cash in" for a picture with Santa).  There were guys on stilts...
... this guy totally freaked out Addison. 
There were guys that were juggling and doing little magic tricks.  One guy pulled a quarter from Colin's ear.  That was a huge hit with him!  They had bouncy things...
One of the buildings had a huge Christmas tree that we got this shot in front of =)
 There was free hotdogs, chips, water, cookies, hot chocolate...
The arcade was open and all the games were on... for free.  Colin got to drive a race car!
(Garet had to push the pedal).  Colin LOVED this!  He has always pretended on these games... we've never actually put money in them.  So the fact that he actually got to drive it... well it was probably the highlight of the night.  He even wrecked.  And the car flipped.  He thought it was awesome!
Outside there was music, horse drawn carriages, and [fake] SNOW!
We had so much fun!  We even got to go touch one of the horses while he was taking a water break:
It was even more amazing that the weather was nice!  I am talking 60's during the day, so it wasn't freezing.  We have been having so much fun this December!  And we still have more fun stuff on our schedule! 

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L Davis said...

Love this post! We had so much fun visiting with you guys! Can't wait to see ya'll again!